Life Poem by Frankie Stones


Rating: 4.3

You hate it,
You love it,
You can’t stand the people in it,
But you wouldn’t get rid of them for the world.

You have a normal day to day life’s that’s so boring it’s unbelievable,
But you enjoy every second.
You fall in love and back out again,
You think you've found the one,
And then their gone.

You see the sun rise,
And set again.
The starry skies,
The look in your guy’s eyes.

The sister you wish you always had,
But yet you argue and make each other sad,
The soft breeze on your skin,
The lad you know you'll never win.

You get scared and run and hide,
You miss the people that die,
You curl up and cry,
The feeling inside that something’s gone,
When really you had it all along,

The friends you miss,
But will never forget.
The moment you will always remember,
Inside your head.
The days that pass by that you don’t even notices.
Your very first kiss.
The times that flied,
The times you cried.

School days that seems to last forever,
All the times you said never.
The homework that seemed to take weeks,
That tap that would always leak.

The family arguments you wish you never had,
The times you know you were bad.
The pets that made you smile,
The friends that you hand only for a while.

The girl that always called you names,
The guy that drove you insane.
The things you never understood,
The times you wish you could,
The times you know you should,
And the times you would,
The time's that was good,
The time's that was bad,
The time's that was sad,
The time's you were glad.

The poster you always wanted to keep,
All the times that you freaked,
The times you just had to sleep.

The thing I’m trying to say is live life now and not tomorrow,
Cause it passes by sooner than you think.

So I hope you have a nice day and a nice life,
And the next time you do something, remember think twice

Meredith Barr 22 August 2007

I wrote something similar when I was groaning over a boy at school, when my parents lives were in tatters, when I lost a man I loved very much, I didn't know I loved him till he went though. I wouldn't change a thing though sweetheart. And neither will you. Keep writing your heart out.

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David Barlow 20 August 2007

A good write Frankie, well done and thanks for sharing it. David

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Donall Dempsey 20 August 2007

This is great Frankie..a tour de force. I love the way it runs madly along and the whole structure of it and the whole list thing and what's in the listing. Very enjoyable and very lovely and once more I agree with you whole heartedly! love donall

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James Niles 20 August 2007

Frankie, I like this; it wears a smile.

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poetry lover 13 May 2007

very lovely poem great write good job

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