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She asked her a few questions
Shuffled the cards
Laid out the deck before her
“Pick a few won’t you? ”

Oh, I would lick your boots sweet Sir!
Having toiled the whole day through
Whilst sweat would mingle in my hair
I know it’s this that does for you


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Desire is the emotion that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. We are ruled by it, yet, ironically, it's that irrational appetite for anything from an ice cream to an empire to a fellow human being, that has led us to becoming the masters of our small part of the universe. We humans are driven mad by desire, made sick with it, commit our worst crimes in its name and yet, when our desire is sated, we experience happiness like no other creature. Consumed with desire we are at our most human and least predictable. It's a constant battle between the darkness and the light, which only ends in some form of consummation. Mariella Frostrup There is some pleasure even in words, when they bring forgetfulness of present miseries. Sophocles)

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(o) Water Always Finds Water (A Slippery Tale)

She asked her a few questions
Shuffled the cards
Laid out the deck before her
“Pick a few won’t you? ”
“Ah yes”, she said, “was he a water sign? ”
“Yes” was her reply
“And you? ”
“Yes, water too”

“Ah, now I see…
When water meets water, you know;
It just flows,
Flows into one another
No seams, no edges, smooth without ridges
But when water meets fire
Well that’s a whole different desire
Water gets heated up by fire
But water can put fire out”
With that, she could agree and had no doubt

“What you need” she said, “is a good earth sign”
“Get away from all this water and fire,
Too much drowning, too much heat
What you need is some earth for you to meet”

So the mermaid shimmied up onto the rocks
Flipping her pearlescent tail on the shore
And twinkled her pretty shells
But the sea wanted her more……..

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Empath In Flames 10 March 2008

This writer shows limitless potential in all aspects of poetry... I highly recommend readers to view this 'Unknown Poet' for a further depth in emotion & an evoking spirit....

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Kee Thampi 17 January 2007

The riches of real beauty.....here, this poet is dear to me for ever.... Lay your head upon my breast Wash salted droplets from my skin Allow the heavy sun to soak them in Hear beats upon my chest Kiss my cheek…. Enraptured by your caress Fingertips so light The dash and deep gush she makes i..... and wish to swim over to a great sea Wash over me with turquoise seas And swim with me

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 02 January 2007

To understand the required principles behind, true Romance Poetry, is to read the work of Helen(Humber Girl) .Her unique blend of romance, erotica, & in-your-face/tell-it-like-it-is verse, has enabled Helen to establish herself as a popular, & respected Poet, on this Site.Recently, she has enjoyed dabbling & experimenting with an array of different writing styles regarding, subject matter, & stanzaec construction. The results were indeed auspicious, and has enabled Helen to extend her literary repertoire to further poetic horizons.Want to take in some good reading today? Then don't log-off 'til you've surfed over to Humber Girl's Poetry jacket & enjoy! Frank James Christopher Ryan, Jr. .........January 2nd,2007

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Jonathan Robin 24 November 2006

H alf mantis, half cameleon, fair feisty smile ensnares E ach who'd reach out to flout defenses deep, L inking into think past static brink to peep E nchanted at joy granted, and unpeel her many layers - N otwithstanding easy landing laughter devilish prepares. H ere find multi mode code playing at fun game above mind leap E xtended to most others who oft smother her, who'd reap L ove's promise yet the core miss, though encore implore Miss, there's E ver multi-level interplay she levers through affairs. N ovel ways of thought in seconds caught - she soars where others creep - H elps entice in trice each suitor - though few suit, the price is steep - E nds unsmitten but rebitten, regrets [he]art rarely bares. LE sson learned shows an observer yearning N irvana she rejects while waiting further learning...

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Geoff Warden 04 November 2006

A lady of true depth, whos writes will indeed earn the right to be among the very best..............

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A fan Of your words 29 January 2019

UG, could you please repost “I will haunt you”? Like Larkin just before dawn, the words bring the melancholy to the fringes of my curtain edges. I can almost recite by heart but alas have lost my copy of your published version. I hope you can see your way to indulge an old fan of your work.

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James Mclain 29 June 2009

She does know..how to see through the words so well..iip.... :)

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Emancipation Planz 17 November 2008

Here is a girl who knows her seasons, his reasons and she raises the fly rise high ... aroha xx

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Flora Gillingham 14 April 2008

From a throwaway comment that she has heard, a trifling thought or the merest glimpse of a memory, Helen can transform each into a profound, poetical experience. But that sounds far too pretentious and sombre - because she also makes me laugh out loud! F x

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UG is such an inappropriate lettering for one of the most thought-provoking, thoughtful, empathic poets on PH, who wields her pen with a sometimes calm and sometimes effervescent fire. Love ya H. t x

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