Agony Of Abraham…. Poem by MBJ Pancras

Agony Of Abraham….

"O, Lord! Thou hast blessed me with a child with my Sarah,
I am too old to bear a son; my Sarah was barren,
Thou knowest how much agony we bore all our days,
My Sarah was beautiful in her countenance,
And I was strong and healthy in erstwhile days,
My faith on Thee is firm as rock, Thou hast said.
Why, my Lord, Thou hast given me a son,
And why my heart is laden with agony,
For Thou hast let my son sacrifice by my own heart?
Hast not Thou known of pain in my heart
That I should kill my son with Thy Will?
How much pain my Sarah might have had
When our son had sucked milk from her saggy breasts?
Now that motherly milk might turn to blood
When I let my knife strike on his neck,
I am not a murderer; but I fear to be a one,
Canst Thou call me a murderer, O, my Lord,
For I am to lay myself at Thy Feet to obey Thee?
Thou must have heard of my sing-song unto him,
And of my Sarah's lullaby for the infant.
I know not what Thou wilt do unto me
If my knife would run into my son's neck.
I fail to answer my son who never questions me.
He has walked with me like a lamb dumbfounded.
I read of Cain's history that speaks first murder,
Should I become a nomad like Cain?
My son played on my back in his childhood,
I took him to pastures taught of Thee.
Did I nourish him only to kill with my knife?
Did Sarah feed him her milk only to see his blood?
Father, I know not Thy Thoughts and of Thy Plan,
For Thy Thoughts are man's thoughts.
Lord, look at my son who carried fuel for himself,
My heart is shrouded with fog and anxiety,
Look at my grey beard telling my years,
And Thou canst hear the pulse of Sarah's heart.
Am I the threshold of Hades to become a killer?
Till now I've lived upon Thy Will,
And is it Thy Will that I should become a murderer?
Yea, my Lord, Thou art Greater than Thy creation,
And my son is a part of Thy creations.
So, I shall let myself down upon Thy Feet,
And Thou knowest all things for Thou art my God.

(Created on 10th July 2021 at 10.14 a.m.) MBJ Pancras

While in the act of sacrifice of his son, Abraham speaks to God....
MBJ Pancras

MBJ Pancras

Chennai Tamil Nadu India
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