Agony Of Yester Years Poem by Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss

Agony Of Yester Years

Rating: 5.0

There were days life was not fair to live
The years hardness of life brought us to our knees
The nights we thought we could be safe running to the grave
The period outcast was far better than the slave
Days our freedom was bundled in chain
In the middle of life joy walked passed our way
Barefooted our destinies went astray
Scavenging the street wearing frustration like a mask on the face
Under the moonlight we coil waiting for the world to fade
Decades grief eat deep our vein
Spirit of departed African folks crawl around our homes
Song of sorrow still roam the street of our soul
Barren and Barred was our year
Period angels were fade up to pray
The cry of the owl regurgitate our pain
The belly of the stream littered the slain
No reserved remembrance for our departed folks
Many of our stories remain untold
Life breed burdens like bearings
We 've bore burdens born by our own brethren
We 've been bundled by bold burdens daily
Under the bed of our bellies many burdens were buried
Always soaked in thought walking hopelessly
inside the life tunnel longing for a narrow escape
As we wait across canal and the under bridge for unknown tomorrow
Stalked in institute of miseries
To us sorrow was like a sibling
Each body leaping with a hunting soul
Immortal our unseen foes
Our destiny sit at the breaking point
Period life was a friend to the grave
And the echo of death across the wave
resurrect our unending pain
In ripples of a life rolling shell
we all lie flat with a battered fate
We 've been held hostage in hell,
while hovering to find a treasurable home in heaven
We ve seen war and many that were eaten raw
We ve heard rumours of war, many of our men that left
when nature never called
Life leaks through walls
Like flood, hunger break into our door
As hardship crawl close to our hut, in hunt of our licking limbs.

Dr Dillip K Swain 23 October 2021

Days our freedom was bundled in chain In the middle of life joy walked passed our way.....candid expression. Thoughtfully expressed.

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Mr clever 18 July 2020

To be sincere EJO you are a good poet.

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Raphael 18 July 2020

Indeed good poems are known by its taste, I love this poem alot.

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Abraham 18 July 2020

Outstanding work by EJO

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Georgina 16 July 2020

Great work of poetry, a good recount on those critical years life was not fair to live.

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