Emmanuel Joseph Olumakiss Poems

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I Fall In Love On A Lonely Day

I fall in love on a lonely day
When my motion is high on a race
When my heart is dried of life & a taste
Not just when am a friend to the grave

If I Die Without A Heir

If I die without a heir;
History will be mad at me
For choosing the path so brief
Life would be unfair to me

When I Have Nobody But Me

When I have nobody but me
I 'd rather be real
Instead of being hopeless and still
Begging for alms I won't be fit

I Stopped For Death

I stopped for death
When she could not come to me
Begging she pronounce my name
Squeeze and ravage my entire home


What will I be remembered for?
Looking at life and the end of age
After sleep refuse wake
Will heaven and earth exchange a hand shake?

Mother Earth Owes Man A Tomb

The Earth our hollow host
There's nothing to bank and boast
The Earth our hovering home
We are the apparitions, her ghost

Agony Of Yester Years

There were days life was not fair to live
The years hardness of life brought us to our knees
The nights we thought we could be safe running to the grave
The period outcast was far better than the slave

Whenever I Fall In Love

Whenever I fall in love
I come with my heart complete
Pronouncing my mind so loud
In a manner my request will be made known to the heart I came visiting

War Is Not Food

War is not food;
Why hunger and thirsty of it?
War is not good;
Why plunder and clamour for it?

If You Think You Are Loved By All

Fix yea your eyes on God
And not the people of this world

Beat not your chest and cheer

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