Airly Beacon Poem by Charles Kingsley

Airly Beacon

Rating: 2.5

Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon;
Oh, the pleasant sight to see
Shires and towns from Airly Beacon,
While my love climbed up to me!

Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon;
Oh, the happy hours we lay
Deep in fern on Airly Beacon,
Courting through the summer's day!

Airly Beacon, Airly Beacon;
Oh, the weary haunt for me,
All alone on Airly Beacon,
With his baby on my knee!

Kathy 02 January 2021

What would be a two season plot line in a soap opera is here told very effectively in 3 short verses.

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Petra Dexter 02 July 2017

Airly Beacon is all over this beautiful poem.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 July 2017

Amusing depiction. Lovely and lofty. Enjoyed with thank. Congratulation for the poem of the day.

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Ramesh T A 02 July 2017

A tragic situation of a father and child sans a life companion is highly bitterest one in life exposing it as top light from beacon and is indeed a pinnacle of human tragedy as the poet! A highly sorrowful poem to read indeed!

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Nige 13 May 2021

Isn't it told from the female point of view? The lover has gone, leaving his squeeze with a child to raise?

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Bernard F. Asuncion 02 July 2017

Such a lovely poem.... Thanks for posting...

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