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Alankar (Decor) -31 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

Pollution(Rondeau Prime)

The Rondeau Prime is a short variation of the Rondeau originating in 13th century France. It allows more rhyme than the Rondeau, but incorporates its defining feature of the integration of the rentrement. (opening phrase of the first line which is repeated as a refrain.)
The Rondeau Prime is:
in French syllabic, in English tends to be iambic meter, line length is optional as long as the lines are relatively equal, with the exception of the shorter rentrement.
12 lines, made up of a septet (7 lines) followed by a cinquain (5 lines) .
rhymed, rhyme scheme abbccbR abbaR, R being the rentrement.


These elements..thrive by what means?
Thoughtless of human's heedless treat
No way else than on given feast
Just right to say poisoned action
Infused, imbibed, spread pollution-
Kindly watch out how men mistreat
These elements

Noisy smoke clouding up -who cleans?
From earth to sky in circling treat
Not the rains as hit by waste beast
Rivers all show how men mistreat
These elements

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 13, 2012

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