Indira Renganathan

Alankar(Decor) -77 - Poem by Indira Renganathan

Here He Dwelleth(Chain Verse)

Chain Verse is composed in one of three ways:

1 Chain Verse is composed
with the last word or syllable of one line repeated
in the beginning of the next line.

2 Chain Verse can be stanzaic, most often written in any number of quatrains
but any stanza form will do, linked by repeating the last word of a stanza
as the first word of the next stanza.
The repetition of a word from one Verse or stanza to the next creates a chain-like link.
usually rhymed, linking rhyme as well as alternate rhyme.
often syllabic, alternating longer-shorter lines.
One example is alternating 8-7-8-7 syllables the other is alternating 6-5-6-5 syllables per line.

3 Chain Verse can be written
with the last line of the stanza repeated
as the first line of the next stanza.


Here He Dwelleth (8-5-8-5 syllables
with linking and alternate rhymes
abab, cdcd, e.t.c)

'Woes have done intolerable
O'Lord please descend
Thee alone is responsible
This fate you to mend

Mend our lives o'divine mender
Our lives at your feet
Come o'lord ' pleaded man slender
Then spoke a voice sweet

Sweet from Nought, 'tell me o'my child
Which form you want me
Man or animal, mild or wild
Elements any? '

'Any form? ' man thought for a while
Knowing their foul tone
Chose not living beings hostile
But wished for stone

Stone, he carved hard created God
Thence forms more sculpted
Valorous with weapons to guard
Lighted life trusted

Trusted, God would sure come to bless
And that he be freed
Of slaying woes and killing stress
That way he waited

Waited lord too again asked man
From the Nought 'o' child
Tell, to what shall I hold on than
To conceal and hide'

'Hide not my Lord, here are my makes
Your choice my pleasure
Choose to be but in all my makes
Thee I shall treasure'

Treasured powers cloaked the idol
Thereon by prayers
Matins, litanies rose tidal
Joined all obeyers

Obeyers' way thus was one found
Gods and names many
Bathed with decor many profound
Bound He by any

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