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All Fallen Leaves' Final Destination

Rating: 4.5

All fallen leaves... green or yellowish Fly away when their time comes To their final destination, but Without wings... Suddenly any fallen leaf lets All other sisters to be away... Going away with the passing winds, Fallen leaves die when they leave Their mother trees to be anywhere... Like all other human beings and All other things that go away or Pass away only when their time comes... I looked at these fallen leaves and I told Mr. Art: ' These pretty fallen Leaves look greatly wonderful.' Mr. Art looked at me and just smiled As his habit when talking to others... I'm sure that Mr. Art meant that These fallen leaves have passed away When they fell immediately from their Mother trees anytime and anywhere... All leaves fall when their comes Simply because they have no other choices... Some people make different shapes and Pretty forms out of these fallen leaves... Some they collect them to be pretty Things in their Fall's pretty stoves... As for me, they mean more than what They're simply because I have a different Feeling towards people or things anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

Monday, September 8, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life