All For Money, Of Money And By Money Poem by Ramesh T A

All For Money, Of Money And By Money

Everything is going on as business as money has become part
And parcel of human culture for everyone in the modern world!
Business and money are marks of human civilization, no doubt;
But civilization sans culture sans love, knowledge and service
Certainly ransomed human value only for money transcending all!

Whether it is hospital or temple or education or any service,
All go on only for money as is done in cut-throat business race
Making human being just as any other commodity or machine sans
Soul, heart, mind and body but just a business product for sales
And service going on in the competitive business everywhere..!

Even the surface show of love is for catching business for
The product or things for making instant money by any means
Possible so that the monopoly in business can be established
by a company in the world level, not only that, they are even
Ready to go in the animal level of sex to succeed in business!

Whatever be the field of social service for self satisfaction or
For humanity, it is performed as in business for money, by money
And of money and even spiritual pursuits or literary works by all
Writer and poets for spiritual satisfaction to attain fulfilment!

Ramesh T A

Ramesh T A

Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
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