Audrey Heller

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Mish Quadri 14 November 2010

Your poetry is amazing!

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Angela ClarkeMorales 27 February 2022

You are the greatest poet and artists that I've ever known

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Angela ClarkeMorales 27 February 2022

Your therapist from license to touch. Would like to be in touch with you

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Lourdes Brubeck 15 January 2019

I woul like to have more information about Audrey Heller

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Jaya Nagarajan Venkat 12 July 2016

I read Hopes and Dreams. Really nice. Can someone give some info on the poet Audrey Heller, please for my understanding?

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Mubaraka Rahmat 15 December 2013

very true lines...i liked it very much..thank u...

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The Best Poem Of Audrey Heller

A Broken Heart

How do you mend, a broken
heart? Where do you begin
and where do you start? How
do you face another day? What
do you do and what do you say?
It's never easy, getting back into
the swing, there's no doubt, it will
take it's toll. You have to be strong
and forge ahead, then, things will
start to roll. Just give it plenty of
time, as others have done before.
Then you'll be ready to start again
and open, another door!

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Audrey Heller Popularity

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