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How do you mend, a broken
heart? Where do you begin
and where do you start? How
do you face another day? What

The more you think about it
life gets harder everyday. You
strive to do the right thing, but
at times, it can go astray. It's

Sometimes, in a crowded room, you
can still feel alone. So many people
surround you, but you're strictly on
your own. Looking around the room,

It's great to have a man around the
house. And better still, if he happens
to be your spouse. There may be
times, when you'll not see eye to eye.

Even though, you're far away, my
thoughts, are with you, everyday!
There isn't a moment, where I don't
wish you were still around, to make

As women, there comes a time, we
cannot dress as we did before. As we
get older, things change and what we're
wearing, isn't appropriate anymore. Not

If I could only be with you, one more
time! It most certainly, would make my
day! I would do things for you, like I used
to do. As if you never, were away! Just

How can one, explain, what they feel,
inside? On the surface, it seems like
one thing, but it's really a roller coaster,
ride. One minute your up, the next, you're

Ever since I can remember, I've been
a day dreamer. I'd constantly think
about places I longed to see. It would
lift my spirits, when needed. Alleviate

There comes a time, in a woman's life,
when she's not satisified, with the way
she looks. It's then, she'll seek the advice
of others, but knows, it can't be found in

You can't judge a book by it's cover.
It can be attractive, but the contents,
may not be what they should be. The
same goes for people. They too, can

A long time ago, I realized, you can't
have it all! But, wouldn't it be nice, to
have a crystal ball? To tell you, exactly
how your life would be, something tangible,

On a cold, dark and dreary night,
being by yourself, isn't a delight!
You hate the thought, of being
alone, as anxiously, you await,

Managing conflict, in a straightforward
and honest manner, is a proper strategy.
If you put it off and wait for another day,
it won't be good, then again, how could

Here I am and there you are, in
a place, that's very far! It's not
my time, to be with you and so
it's here, I'll stay. The time will

Everyday without you, is like a
day, without sunshine! It's hard
for me to bare, for I can't say, I'm
doing fine. Life hasn't been the

It's not what you say, it's the things
you do, that makes someone feel
confident in you. Nice words all of
us like to hear. But actions speak

They say, curiosity killed the cat.
But frankly speaking, aren't we all
guilty of that? We all have questions,
we'd like to have answers to, but

I'm sure there's been times, when you and
your spouse had clashes of opinions. It's
only natural, as we all see things from a
different point of view. Women, are more

Broken hearts and broken dreams,
seem, to go together! You set your
standards, way too high, then find,
it's impossible, to weather! At the

The Best Poem Of Audrey Heller

A Broken Heart

How do you mend, a broken
heart? Where do you begin
and where do you start? How
do you face another day? What
do you do and what do you say?
It's never easy, getting back into
the swing, there's no doubt, it will
take it's toll. You have to be strong
and forge ahead, then, things will
start to roll. Just give it plenty of
time, as others have done before.
Then you'll be ready to start again
and open, another door!

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Mish Quadri 14 November 2010

Your poetry is amazing!

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Angela ClarkeMorales 27 February 2022

You are the greatest poet and artists that I've ever known

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Angela ClarkeMorales 27 February 2022

Your therapist from license to touch. Would like to be in touch with you

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Lourdes Brubeck 15 January 2019

I woul like to have more information about Audrey Heller

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Jaya Nagarajan Venkat 12 July 2016

I read Hopes and Dreams. Really nice. Can someone give some info on the poet Audrey Heller, please for my understanding?

2 1 Reply
Mubaraka Rahmat 15 December 2013

very true lines...i liked it very much..thank u...

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