All I Did Was Love You Poem by sandy nobody

All I Did Was Love You

Rating: 5.0

the blood is flowing down my chest
straight from my heart
soon my body will be completely empty
from which i shall depart

i gave all i had to give to you
which you gladly took
iv nothing left for you or anyone
feelings of which i mistook

i'll not regret my feelings for you
to which i freely gave
please remember i loved you
when i'm alone in my grave

your words to me were very cruel
they didnt have to be
you broke my heart that night
cant or wont you see

your words cut into my heart
just like a knife
you said you loved me
but i ruined your life

as i sit here my heart bleeding
not knowing what else to do
please remember
i'll always love you

Jim Foulk 12 January 2007

this is a very heart felt, well written, touching poem that you wrote sandy.

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Michael Gale 02 November 2006

Great emotional pained poem painted with such sadness that tears at the heart strings of a loveless life. Ya gotta ten fer sadness and great imagery. God bless all poets-MJG.

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Barbara Terry 24 June 2006

Sandy I cried when I read this, this is so sad. I could even feel the emotions that flowed from this ebb tide. and is so prefectly written. Thanx for sharing. Barbara

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