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an empty heart, doesnt care
an empty heart has, no love to share

an empty heart, is a lonely one

dance, my little puppets
dance for me
dance, my little puppets
and you shall see

oh yes, i'm so happy
cause i get to hear your lies
i'm so happy

look through my eyes
deep into my soul
what you shall see

i sit alone
in this cold dark room
no windows
no doors

if i had 1 wish
i'd wish for you
for you to love
me too

marriage is a prison
from which theres no escape
there is no door
windows are covered by drapes

all i want is you
noone else will ever do
i just want you
to want me too

the blood is flowing down my chest
straight from my heart
soon my body will be completely empty
from which i shall depart

driving along an open road
nowhere special to go
nothing but fields on my left and right
not another car in sight

one of the hardest things
i will ever do
is saying my goodbye
to you

the past is what makes me, me
the now is what i choose to be
the future is what i cant see

drink beer
fire a joint
so whats
your point?

every day
every night
between my head and my heart
there's a fight

i will always be here for you
i am your friend
i will always listen to you
all the way til the end

when will i write a love poem?
iv been asked
guess i can draw upon feelings
from my past

i drove a thousand miles
to visit you
we spent the day together
just us two

the cyber bullies
like to hide
you want to know
reasons why

she dug a hole
planted some seeds
kept them watered
picked away the weeds

once upon a time there was a little girl.

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An Empty Heart

an empty heart, doesnt care
an empty heart has, no love to share

an empty heart, is a lonely one
an empty heart, is like a stone

an empty heart, has no compassion
an empty heart, cannot get satisfaction

an empty heart, cannot cry
an empty heart, might as well die

an empty heart, is so sad
my hearts not empty,
and im glad

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marc c 22 November 2017

like keep going and loving

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Poo Pants 14 May 2013


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Kayla Mclendon 17 November 2008

Sandy Nobody, you are very talented in writing poems! ! I am sorry if what you write is true. Only you know what you are going through and how you feel. I have depression probablems and people are always telling me that they know how I feel and they have no idea! ! Sandy keep writing and don't give up your poems really comfort me! ! Don't let any one tell you otherwise! !

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Ima Evilnut Head 21 December 2007

Sandy Nobody, you are such a talented writer! You sould definatly continue your work. And if what you write is true, then I am so very sorry dear. Nobody but you knows what you are going through. People might say 'I know how you feel, ' but they rarely do. Again, I absolutely LOVE what you do. It is fantastic! Your poems must be such a comfort to people going through pain like these poems express. Thank you so much dear Sandy! Brianne M.

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James Greene 06 May 2007

This is a cool poem Sandy. I like it

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