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sandy nobody Poems

1. Write The Words Before They Die 5/16/2006
2. Let It Go 5/16/2006
3. Goodbye Hugs 5/16/2006
4. I Like My Freedom 5/16/2006
5. If Something Happens 5/16/2006
6. The Children Of The Night 7/11/2006
7. Im Not A Toy 7/11/2006
8. Homeless 7/14/2006
9. Maybe It's Not To Be 7/17/2006
10. I Gave All My Love Away 7/17/2006
11. I Know All About You 7/18/2006
12. It's All About You 7/21/2006
13. I Gave You The Key 7/21/2006
14. Goodbye, My Friend 7/24/2006
15. God's Curse (Pt.2) 7/26/2006
16. The Guy In The Bar 7/27/2006
17. The Guilt I Must Carry 8/15/2006
18. A Shattered Life 8/17/2006
19. Cries In The Night 8/24/2006
20. Hoping 8/25/2006
21. The Theif Of Hearts 8/19/2006
22. Will You Die Alone 9/3/2006
23. Between Nightmares And Madness 5/16/2006
24. I Will Keep Writing 5/16/2006
25. Open Door 5/16/2006
26. The Chain On My Heart 5/16/2006
27. The Game Is Over 5/16/2006
28. Cruel Words 5/16/2006
29. The Word Love 5/16/2006
30. My Demons 5/16/2006
31. Why 5/16/2006
32. I'Ve Nothing Left 5/16/2006
33. Leave My Heart Alone 5/16/2006
34. I Found Out The Truth Today 5/16/2006
35. You Are Gone 5/16/2006
36. Weapon Of Words 5/16/2006
37. I'M Nothing 5/16/2006
38. Where Did You Go 5/16/2006
39. She Waits 5/16/2006
40. My Sleeping Nightmare 5/16/2006
Best Poem of sandy nobody

Dont Say You Love Me

dont say you love me
you know its not true
if you did love me
i would feel it from you

please dont play
with words like that
its not fair
to say that

you know you dont love me
not really
saying it without feelings
to me is silly

dont say you love me
i know its not true
if you did, you wouldnt hurt me
like you do

if you love me
then why arent you here
or are you hiding
something there

if you loved me
you would call
not make up lies
or stall

dont say you love me
we will be together
cause you...

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Goodbye Hugs

once upon a time
my heart belonged to you
i gave you all my love
you said you loved me too

we talked and laughed
had a lot of fun
you told me
i was the only one

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