Gianna Jett

All Of Me - Poem by Gianna Jett

As a child I didn't always have a voice to speak,
Now I have a lot to say because my heart is no longer weak.

You remember that shy chubby little Indian girl in the corner...that was me,
You know the darkness that lurked under your bed last night so that you couldn't sleep... that was also me.

A glow in the dark of light at the end of the hall... that was me too,
I whispered sweet Immortal kisses unto you.

I am a girl after my own heart and I love to feel the sand under my feet,
I love to give you nightmares when you are alone and asleep.

A precious jewel I am,
Bitter sweet harmony within a genuine gem.

I shall sparkle upon my day in the sun,
Reaching down from the stars as the moon tells you that I am the one.

Unique in my ways I contain a bit of sweetness,
Combined with a taste of a little wickedness.

I am not purely evil,
But I am just enough good to allure you within my spell.

I speak of nothing's and sometimes something,
Those are the rhymes in perfect time that mean everything.

Mastering the creations that I have mastered,
Creating the masterpieces of what has always mattered.

I am honored by the words of how I talk,
And by being proud of the way that I walk.

I stand beside my passions in all that I do,
Telling the stories of my legacies unto you.

Never feeling compelled to do anything more,
Moving beyond my dreams more than ever before.

I take pride in all the work that I have done,
One day I hope to leave this world all I have summoned.

I express myself through art as it is my trademark,
Imprinted upon the atmosphere in the blinding dark.

I am a woman after your very own soul,
You take me places when I have nowhere else to go.

I watch and wait for you to come unto me,
Because you know I'll show you all the things you want to see.

You want me to lie to you when you expect the truth,
I have brought us here as I have grown you from the roots.

I have buried you within my sadness,
As you are seduced by my madness.

This life has taught me plenty of hard lessons,
Even the bitter sweet taste of my own obsessions.

There are so many things that I yearn to teach you,
Only the blood within you will allow me to.

Wild from the taste of what you crave from me,
You realize that it is I that has drowned with you in the sea.

Not even the deepest seas can part us now,
Hush my love, close your eyes and you'll know how.

For it is the only way that you can experience,
Such a gift of true love and beauty upon innocence.

We have seen many times and places together,
In the realms of ecstasy in eccentric ways of forever.

Intriguing and intricate beings we have become,
Through unusual yet beautiful existence as one.

Shown by your loyalty you have proven yourself worthy,
I have left you tainted, taunted, restless, guilty and bloodthirsty.

Your imagination I have now captured and it is nothing as it once before seemed,
You have become me and have seen more than any mortal eyes have seen.

Come now my beauty and say that you'll come to the end,
Just like you had promised me by the hands of the earth and wind.

I will be the fire that feeds your eternal flame that burns,
To only be between or within this entity of the world that turns.

Fire and ice bleed from our once mortal lips,
In the eyes of the sea that touched our Immortal kiss.

It reminds me of the moment when time stood still upon my mind and I thought of when life was precious,
Within everything that haunts me, the things that make me laugh, and all that I love the most.

Thoughts come in and out of the shadows when I am lost that hurt,
When I am lost and have to pick myself up frot ofm the dirt.

It makes me feel cheated when my loved ones are taken away as the world cannot handle them anymore because they are so wonderful,
But that only gives the rest of us left behind a chance to be just as beautiful.

I won't be thrown away as I sit and bleed,
I yearn to show all galaxies that I am an enchanted breed.

It is a constant battle from the demons within me that I rebuke each and everyday,
They are what I see in the future, what I was in the past, and who I am today.

I am far from perfect and I will never try to be,
Those that stay here longer are those waiting to become free.

Whenever I leave this earth I hope to have made a difference,
To dream of a place in time where everyone shall know my existence.

I dare to make my mark upon the world for it has been a lifelong dream,
For others to see who and what I am and to see and hear all things that I know and have seen.

Through my eyes of those that cry,
Crying for the world before I die.

Before I die and close my eyes mortal eyes forever,
I hope that you have seen me and in my memory you will share.

As you share thoughts and memories of who I once was,
I only wish that you speak of dreams, truth, and of love.

Tell how brave I was or how I influenced others in a positive way,
Tales of me in curiosities of all things I tried to understand everyday.

After my earthly death I hope that you appreciate the legacies of me,
Stories, memories, thoughts, and legends within my legacy.

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