A Phone Call From Heaven Poem by G J Salgado

A Phone Call From Heaven

Rating: 4.3

I thought I heard your voice yesterday
When someone called it was the wrong number
But then I heard your voice
It sang to me in whispers
Just like the way I remember that you used to sing
You remembered me and came back to say goodbye
Even though it's just your voice and not you that I see
I can hear it all so clearly now
All that you ever meant to me
I feel your soul when I close my eyes
Telling me everything is gonna be alright
So I won't cry myself to sleep tonight
I'll think of your voice and I'll know that you are just a call away
Even if it's just pretend

A Phone Call From Heaven
Monday, January 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: loss
For my mother Judy Kay Raney 1956-1996

I was in the middle of writing a chapter in Eyes of Emeraude. It's a story I starting writing in October based on several short stories I've written about this character. Her name Emeraude; was inspired by a perfume that my mom used to wear. Today during writing the chapter Masquerade, my thoughts were interrupted by her my mom's spirit which inspired me to write two poems. This one is titled A Call From Heaven, the other is more about myself, titled One Last Chance. Both can be found on poemhunter.com
Edward Kofi Louis 04 January 2016

Far beyond! With the muse of love. Nice work.

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Akhtar Jawad 02 September 2017

The beauty of this poem hynotized me. Yes, a mother never forgets her children. Her soul becomes more proficient in telepathy and she caresses and guides her children through sweet dreams.

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Renu Kakkar 01 September 2017

nice work, sorry for your loss. I wrote a poem about my husband's demise. Your poem reminded me of that one called, Can you see me, please'.

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Onuora Ilodibe 17 January 2016

Beautiful miss you poem.... Quite touching

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Gianna Jett 05 January 2016

Sorry for your loss. Thank you for reading it. Love paying tribute to my mom, we were very close.

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Lyn Paul 04 January 2016

A wonderful tribute to your Mother and what a beautiful picture. I lost my Mum last year and I feel her presence. Thank You I just tried to comment also on another write of yours that I enjoyed but it didn't take. Sorry. I wish you much happiness.

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