john tiong chunghoo

All Seasons Are For Love

winter is an aphrodisiac
it sends them reeling
for each other's warmth
usually with a piping hot coffee
filling the air of their rendevouz

spring sends them running in
the sunflower fields
to crown each other with the
gigantic little petalled sun
the real sun smiling from afar

the neighbour's garden are slowly
coloured with new blossoms
they feel like its landlady
coming to life again
rosy cheeks, limpid blue eyes
and light pink lips

the whole garden seems to be
speaking through her face
she relives her youth again
through the season
nothing can be better remembered
than love with bouquets of roses
to cheer everything up

summer is reserved for youths
the thirst for love runs through
the body with sweat

the warm scent of the field after
a bout of rain sends
his libido rising high

their eyes are cauldrons of love
heat up by the temperature
of the day

the moon and the sun are eyes
that eagerly witness this
heaty spice of life
the flame of youth just couldnt be doused
dog summer day

autumn sends them scouting for
the best fashionable wear in the mall
and of course the season's
sweet fruit juices that abound

autumn comes in so many shades
- of orange and yellow
they find it hard to match
without coming to terms with what
is playing in their heartstring

the breeze tears the leaves away
to reveal the thirst of the life underneath
the thirst for love
for winter is love's best aphrodisiac

Topic(s) of this poem: love

Poem Submitted: Friday, March 6, 2015
Poem Edited: Friday, March 6, 2015

Form: Ars Poetica

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