Allowed Eternal Existence (Cor.) Poem by Margaret Alice Second

Allowed Eternal Existence (Cor.)

The kitchen glowing like a pearl, iridescent in the
slanting autumn sun, the enchantment of Tales of
Hoffman’s Barcarolle filling the translucent space,
I’m alive as a fairy crocodile within a magical place
a pearly castle in a wood where treetops obliterate
a bright blue sky, tonight more sorcery when

I shall merge with dancing contestants on Strictly and
twirl as free as a leaf in the wind, imagination fired so
high I shall there share the experience with wild delight
making me sing - to the exasperation of the rest of my
core family who refuse me the right to sing Karaoke on
the grounds that I make enough noise already

Just finished reading Mort by Terry Pratchett, floating
in a world where Listening Monks are waiting to catch
the first words and chords of creation – a reference to
modern astronomers looking for leftover heat radiation
from the Big Bang they fantasised as means of creation
of the multiverse with non-physical being registered

As dark matter and energy which Pratchett calls the
Auditors administrating ALL worlds, representing the
nine tenths of everything we feel but cannot see; this
is mother Fairy Crocodile Day, two kids both working,
one crocodilliken taking photographs, the other selling
frozen yoghurt; the Master of the Crocodile Castle

Watching Grand Prix while I’m dreaming about a new
reality: Death - living outside time - befriended by us
fairies finding succour in our fairy arms – and portals
to all dimensions are open; belief in their existence are
creating more alternatives - I’m the happiest dreaming
human being at this moment in time, nothing else

Exists besides this phenomenological now, fantasies
lifting me outside our reality to a new universe where
every dream is fulfilled & allowed eternal existence!

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