' Gurgling Stream [revised] Poem by Margaret Alice Second

' Gurgling Stream [revised]

Rating: 2.7

Knowing the little alien in my head was filled
with discontent went to French class prepared
full well with a treat for it, Offenbach played on
an earphone in only the left ear

Heavenly music accompanied Christophe
discussing Greece and its woes, a lack of
working tax system, no economic acumen,
credit obtained on false pretexts

Music filling the large, empty spaces opening
in my head; taking copious notes with Olympia*
singing vocal Olympics on my left, the right side
following a stentorious lecture on NATO

Its origin and members, the Euro and Schengen,
Italy, Berlusconi – Italians are so much better at
opera than politics – Swiss discipline – they are
not romantic at all, to their credit

All runs like clockwork, Swiss life resembles a
regulated spell in hell, Lady Jane Digby ran from
the life of a Hausfrau, abandoning kids rather
than stay in the land of Wilhelm Tell

Benelux, OTAN, Monténégro, reasons why La Turqui
cannot join the UE if La Serbie is a member also – what
fun, how nice - Clic-clac, cric-crac, voilà Klein-Zack! –
the little alien in my head heard on the left

Followed every word said as the choir sang lustily,
keeping brain waves on an even keel, creating
inner peace on which the French class flowed like
a gurgling stream….

John Richter 26 January 2015

A veritable whirlwind of notions and surprises! Stepping into your world is most wonderful - and I should guess quite akin to stepping through Alice's looking glass! Well done poet. I was looking for the sour cream, though. Did I tell you what the mayonnaise said to the person who opened the refrigerator door? 'Close the door! I'm.... dressing.'

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Margaret Alice Second

Margaret Alice Second

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