Beautiful Cables (2) (Science Poems) Poem by Margaret Alice Second

Beautiful Cables (2) (Science Poems)

Rating: 2.6

Admiring the cables in the jersey Alta knit, asked
her - May I photograph it? – she brought me the
pattern – Now you can knit one yourself - mistaking
cable enthusiasm for craftwork interest - and I
smiled, not on your life

The beautiful cables just illustrate Many Worlds
Theory, every time we make a decision – coffee,
not tea, to the shops, not the sea - the universe
is said to split; yet I think it simply forms a bulky
cable at that point, then

Alternate lines come together in one direction -
maybe just like the Virgo supercluster movement
in which the Milky Way Galaxy travels - towards
the Great Attractor, like the Seven Samurai said,
small deviations in variables

Only create more cables in beautiful patterns, the
overall movement is steady; as we sway, the sun
spirals around the Milky Way, up and down like a
merry-go-round horse, all parallel universes
moving together - forming

Lovely cable patterns along the way, a delight
only seen by the gods…

Monday, August 1, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy,science
John Richter 01 May 2015

Honestly, dropping into your poetry is often like dropping into the most fascinating dreams. I reall y love the freedom you use to write.....

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