A Gothic Horror Poem by Margaret Alice Second

A Gothic Horror

Rating: 2.8

Thank you for representing life as a Gothic horror
with the nerve-wrecking shocks of demented men,
dad as Heathcliff, mom as Mr Rochester’s mad first
wife and you a strange mixture between Jane Eyre
and the rebellious Catherine

Thank you for recreating ‘Great Expectations’ in which
you are Pip, for describing your life in Sherwood with
Robin Hood among the criminal poor, adding scenes
of the Phantom’s life in his nightmare underworld lair,
yet, I cannot share the stage with you

I am following the narrative imperative of Pratchett’s
Discworld series, applying Mary Poppins’ advice in a
wild dance through the mutable universe depicted in
Bedknobs and Broomsticks - balancing this edifice
with ideals and visions; therefore

Thank you for adding Edgar Allan Poe and Artemis
Fowl to the pastoral scenes of my slow-moving life,
I shall remember you believe that intrigue is the
staple of life as I am sitting quietly, waiting for
the White Rabbit to pass by again…

Prabir Gayen 14 December 2018

Very thoughtful poem and we'll penned...

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Dougie Darko 25 January 2012

Freaking Awesome Writing!

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Sara Fielder 25 January 2012

This is fantastic! I would love to be able to write like this. I look forward to spending time reading more of your poems.

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