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Almost Heartbreak

Rating: 5.0

We were moving way too fast
It hit us with a blast
I almost lost him
We finally figured something out
And were praying that we work out
Now were starting over
To hopefully someday once again be lovers.
This week has been tough
And I think Ive learned more than enough.
I know I want to be with him for life so I'll try to understand.

I hope and pray each day that him and I will be together to stay.
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Tranquil Ocean 18 February 2007

I know this too well: -(When relationships move at a dizzying speed...its like a hurricane...leaves behind hearts in ruin. Well said. Welcome to PH Love...TO

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Scott Austin 17 February 2007

Stacey, As you have learned when individuals move to fast in a relationship bad things can happen. I pray that things will work out between you two. The sorrow is felt in the words you have written. Scott Austin

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Bree Nada 15 February 2007

this is such a beautiful poem. keep up the good work. and i hope all goes well.

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