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Here are my eyes
Drown them in yours...

Here are my lips

A shadow with me all day
No body
This is crazy, this is crazy

On one hand you fly high
In your thoughts
Never say die
On the otherhand you just sigh

Untie the knot for me
of your deep inner secrets....
Give me the key
of your inner fantasies

You flew in softly and tiptoed in my life
My parched soul got a reprieve
My heart is now your permanent home
We shall play with elves and gnomes

I wish I was the morning wind
Gently brushing against your skin

I wish I was a ray of sunlight

Waves of strength
Surging in You and Me
That is God, That is God

Beware, my Love
Of the thunder
That we will encounter
When we touch

You slipped away quietly
From the realms of this mortal world
Away from all pains, very rightly
Leaving behind your loved ones and hurled

It has neither a beginning nor an end
You can never predict where it will bend.

Life is a teacher, it will show you the way

You sing
I will be the mountain and hold your voice deep inside

You feel

Where a child lives in a warm mother's cocoon
Where a child is sold to the prostitutes, her life doomed

Today I dont want to close my eyes
My heart tells me that your image is going to fly
From the horizon of my heart to its beyond
I want to capture the image forever in the pond

Lost in the vortex of my thoughts
Seeking a vision that got lost
Fire consumed or a lost monsoon
Parched earth awaiting a boon

You would be meandering by
Wasting your while
This world is not worth living under the sky
If you havnt tasted your soul water

Knocking the doors
Of my senses
My heart soars....

Five years since you left us behind
Silent tears roll by as we remember
Reliving the anguish that you went through
Helpless we stood watching you valiantly suffer

Swinging his leg in a slow, sweeping arc
Children running behing him imitating his walk
Polio stricken right leg with paper skin on the bones
Some of them sniggering at him and pelting stones

Truth, The Real God
Not that we have made
Does not want a facade
Of the limited and narrow world that we parade

I am water
Sometimes can always depend on
Sometimes liquid...fits in anywhere
Sometimes vapor...ephemeral...I am there and then I am gone

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Here Are My Eyes

Here are my eyes
Drown them in yours...

Here are my lips
Eclipse them with yours...

Here is my skin
Dissolve it in yours...

Here is my heart
Unite it with yours...

Here are my dreams
Suffuse them with yours...

Here are my hopes
Fulfill them with yours...

Here are my thoughts
Enervate them with yours...

Here is my soul
Possess it with yours...

Here is my spirit
Elevate it with yours....

Here is my life
Fill it with yours....

Heres Me...
Yours, yours, yours....

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Sofia Kioroglou 23 September 2015

A very beautiful poem! Well-penned!

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Wahab Abdul 04 November 2013

welcome to be a popular member poet on this esteemed poetry site from india...and congratulation too for your being one.. thanks for sharing your poems also..

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Kee Thampi 03 April 2008

a poet elate with conjure of new waves.... My eyeballs freeze in my sockets My skin has turned to stone But my thoughts are still humming The sound reaching a crescendo Where are you? I grope for your hand Touch your fingers to mine Hold my body close to thine

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Preeti - is here! 18 September 2006

TO has been a mentor and a guide. Her poems smell of love, emotions and mystique. Don't let her peoms get to you, you'll be glued on to them, me! And I'm glad to be glued :) Keep writing and being the strong, independent lady that you are, you're the Sushmita Sen on PH, for various reasons. Preets

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Catastrophe King 04 September 2006

Tranquil Ocean.... you think you know so much about the ocean and its vastness. The mystery combined with some style created by her odes here are incomparable. She defeats the strifes in life with her power of the words. she impresses and drives the mind to thinking deep. I have had response poems to many of her love poems uploaded in my poem-bank but none match her class. I feel like fighting for a toy with her - there is something very mysterious about her writings and the compositions are mind-blowing...... I mean, she is awesome! !

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