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For the love of daughter
That I cherish as a father
The daughter I prayed to God for
Those many years ago

Spring has sprung
With the abundance
Of blossoming flowers

I can tell you
That life is
No smooth highway

There are new bridges
Worn bridges
Old bridges
And even broken bridges

It’s been 18 months
Since you have left
Our loving home

When we first met you use to pinch me and punch me because that’s what little girls do.
You use to tell me that I was stupid and things like that.
As months went by you use to tease me and taunt me because that’s what girls do.
Then one day you began to notice me for me.

They say that love is blind
It effect your mind
You only think it is all

It may take many years
Of not knowing
What it feels like
To have someone special

The day we met
It was sunny and bright
We drove for hours and hours
To the place where you were kept

For where has the time gone
It was but yesterday
When we first met

Standing On The Beach

We are standing on the beach

I'm sorry for the way you feel
For the hurt and pain you have caused
For the cards you are dealing

There is the sun
Who wakes me up for another day
That brightens each and every day

This family has been broken
I am trying to make it whole

But we keep getting resist ants

I could never forsake thee
Nor will I turn my back on thee

My wishes for you
This coming year
Is what I desire

Once again you have come into our lives
only to leave us with hurt and pain
by the choices you have made

I am tired of the stories
The lies you spread
Only to be deceitful

You always know
When I am sad
When I am blue
You always know


Time does not stand still
For anyone who is here
This is very true
From the beginning

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For the love of daughter
That I cherish as a father
The daughter I prayed to God for
Those many years ago
My heart is sad and lonely
In this place that I call home
We have experienced some good times
We have gone through some bad times too

For the love of a daughter
The girl I always wanted
The daughter that I love so
The one who filled my life with joy
The one that filled my heart with pride
The one who has no way of knowing
The tears that I have shed
I can only wonder what I have done
That has turned her heart so cold

For the love of a daughter
There will be forgiveness
As precious as she is
To this Father’s heart
I can only love her
As much as I can

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Tracy Rollings 04 May 2007

Hi Scott, life isn't a smooth highway, trust me, I read your poem and I can relate to everything in it, it was an Excellent write very well put in words, my self, I'm new to the world, only been writing for about a month now, but i have a lot of poems that I did o my past child abuse and I will be sharing them with everyone to read, again thanks for the comment and I did vote great write, thanks your friend Tracy

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