Alone I…in My Loneliness… Poem by Tapashya Das

Alone I…in My Loneliness…

Rating: 3.3

Standing alone I am
On the moors of loneliness,
Faded mine hopes
In clouds of loneliness…
Gliding mine tears o’er my cheeks
In pang of loneliness,
Even mine shadow has disappeared
Under dark shade of loneliness…
My ears could behold the beats of heart
In silence of loneliness,
My voice could speak loud
To the breath of soul
In crowd of loneliness…
Mine arms are stretched
For a hug,
On the desert of loneliness,
Thirsty mine throat
For a drop of love,
In ocean of loneliness…
Eighteen years ago
Lonely I was in womb of loneliness
Infant I was to conceive the warmth
Of dark and brightness
Yet I am crawling,
In the phases of loneliness…
Walking my desires
Across the path of loneliness,
My days are blowing swift
In the whirl of loneliness
Bleeding mine heart
In ache of loneliness,
Fleeting mine feelings far
With dust of loneliness…
Alone mine faith
Shivering in loneliness,
Alone mine dreams
Dreaming alone in loneliness…
Parted my presence
With disgrace of loneliness
Discarded my merriness
With regrets of loneliness…
Eternally killed I am
With hates of loneliness,
Mine veins are chopped
With the knife of loneliness…
Like moon and sun shines
In the bounty of its loneliness,
Me in aisle of mine mortal universe
Burning in the magma of loneliness…
Striving mine hope
For the compassion of loneliness,
It seems;
Mine Lord of my eternal soul has died
In war of my loneliness…

Kishore Kumar Das 12 June 2016

The beauty of loneliness aptly described in your enchanting lines...

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Paddy D Daly 23 December 2013

that is just special

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Paddy D Daly 23 December 2013

you're poem is very touching and because i think you may have written it in your second language I think its brilliant, kind regards, paddy d

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Gajanan Mishra 18 December 2013

war of loneliness, I feel it, thanks.

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