Wonders Of Science! Poem by Tapashya Das Sinha

Wonders Of Science!

Rating: 2.2

Science is a treasure,
Difficult to measure...
Science is a boon,
Its magic is carrying the man to moon...

Science is a mystery,
Full of chemical history,
Solved by ultimate chemistry…
Symbol of silence,
Factor of brilliance,
Science is the challenge of excellence…

Science of universal ecology,
Narrated by biology…
Plants and animals has
Their separate morphology…
Section of treatment and cure for danger,
Biology provides a magical chamber…

Physics is the science of
Relations and notions,
For which technology moves
With gradual motions…
World of creation,
World of resource,
Together bonded with
Gravitational force…

Science of statistics,
Played with mathematics
Wonders of geometry,
Aspiring the heights of earthly creativity…
In the world of scientific creation,
Mathematics is searching for its own solutions…

World of technology,
World of science,
Mortal without computer’s advice…
Manufactured feature,
Universal preacher,
Widely used
Apartheid in nature…
Connecting people,
Connecting mates…
The world is in the custody of internet…

Science the wonder
Science the great,
Constructing bridges of
Success and faith…
Rapidly developing nations and states…

Suman Kumar Das 10 December 2013

This is called scientific-art of words.................. well painted, Tapashya! ............. loved it..............keep it up!

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Carlos Ornelas 17 December 2013

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Dr John Celes 26 December 2013

written well.may I suggest you trim the lines and shorten your poem so that the theme and logic are maintained lucidly and precisely and readers don't get bored by similar repetitive stanzas or verses going off the track. I think you have a tendency to write longer poems and pen all that you know. This tendency may have to be curtailed in the longer run. good work already. keep writing as they come.all the best in poetry. but it will take quite some time.

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Rakesh singh solanki 13 June 2018

Wow , beautiful poem I like😃 it very much

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sunil pant 12 June 2018

Awsm poem ... I really like it ... Thank you #TAPASHYADAS for making such wonderful poem ...

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Jj 09 November 2021

Very good👍

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vishnu priya 10 February 2020

thank u it has been useful to me in science week celebrations in our school

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Aditi 06 April 2019

Commendable poem.

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Aaradhna parte 03 March 2019

Very nice poem 😀😃😁

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laksheyaa raj 02 March 2019

beautiful! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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