Mistakes... Poem by Tapashya Das


Rating: 2.8

Every time I make mistakes,
Each time I follow mistaken steps,
My thoughts shift,
Often I conceive wrong impressions…
I regret,
I lament,
I fail to get what I deserve …
While destiny cheats me with time,
My heart suggests,
Nothing is really mine…
With the souls of my intimates,

Thoughts of emotions I share,
Beholding my pains
In their flattering hearts,
Fake pals leave me as one
Far off, far apart…
Me a lonely shadow,
Feels so hopeless,
To the earth,
My presence so valueless…
In the burning phase of ignorance,
My cry dries,
Alike Mortal I my soul in hell,
As I am losing myself out of the shell…

Recalling my past,
Recalling my pals,
I behold my mistakes,
My grief,
My pains,
Where today,
Looking into the mirror,
I could behold my strength,
My courage,
The future of my ardent days…
Frailty for past,
Is furious,
Is egregious,
The feelings of mortality are worthless,
Fake such decisions,
For soulless creations…
I the only I,
To stand in my way to death,
It’s the only me myself,
Who can feel the pains in me of my rest…
Nevertheless the world,
It’s the only I,
Can dive into my own thoughts of understandings…
All day of my days
Art my own,
Apart my shadow
It’s I myself
Who stands to the world alone,
There is nothing else on earth
I consider my own…
The theory states forsooth,
Mistakes by life of souls,
A universal truth…

I often blame my lord,
Might has He crushed His thoughts
Might He have forgotten I am still on earth
Instead with time today,
I could feel His warmth…
A day is today is everyday
I teach my mind
Close not so intimate with World’s hearts,
Where fakes discloses emotions of eternal marts…
Merriness art rare to find,
Rare a heart born
To read one’s mind…
Pals hospitality,
Just formality
Moment arrives
Moreover, shows reality…
Alike me,
The souls of the world suffers the same,
The lives of souls
A passion of game
Appetite for name and fame…
Nevertheless mistakes,
Nevertheless regrets and laments,
Elevate thy vision
To the truth’s infinity
Sheen the world with shining destiny…

Brian Jani 14 June 2014

This is superb poetry keep on writing

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Brian Jani 14 June 2014

Tapashya keep it up

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Dr John Celes 19 December 2013

I am my own decider of my successes, failures, mistakes, accomplishments, worries and destiny.

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