Words Of Emotions... Poem by Tapashya Das

Words Of Emotions...

Rating: 3.5

Behold my face in thy eyes
Behold me in thy arms
Let me place my faith in thy soul
Let me rest my head on thy chest
Let not thy lips to utter a while
Hence, I could hear the rhythm
Thy heart beats in silent smile.
Let my silence profess thee
Let my trust prevails thee
Frailty is not my name
Nor is I
That cause, who vex thee thy fame.
Today my words are on its emotion’s vale
Stop not ye me
Let it flow in its own swift sail.
Let my throat drink
All thy tears of pain
Lend me thy all impurities flowing in thy vein
Happy will me, my soul, my destiny
To share thy sin…
Let my fingers to enclose
Thy finger gaps
Let thy hope be
In my affection’s wrap.
Let my lips confess its deeds of guilty
Sorry mine conscience is
Might for the pains I feed
Today stop not me
My lips desire for thy metonym kiss.
Behold my face
Place in thy heart
Be it thy pal
Be not thee its mare
Then ye shall remember me forever and ever and ever.
Forever as days I shall be never
Since for thy destiny
I shall be forever.
The pasts of thy journey could dull
Nevertheless, mine Love for thee
Past and forth
Would last immortal fresh and tall.
Behold me all in thyself
Melt me whole in thy essence
Bath me in thy fragrance
Shower me with thy freshness
Demands my soul for thy divine kindness.
My desire for thee
Spells worship
Worship in silent words refers kinship.
Thy loving kindness
I feel so nigh
Thy loving kindness
Elevates me to an abstract high
Thy loving kindness
Is better than life
Thy loving kindness
Makes me up in worst of hives.
Today my words are on its ejaculation
Sublime I today in thine notions
Behold me my soul
In thy affection
Grateful will I
In thy renovation…
My love is always for thee
From the bottom of my heart’s ocean!
Love Forever! ! !

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 16 December 2013

My love is always for thee From the bottom of my heart’s ocean! Love Forever! ! ! ... nicely written...10 if it was for almighty it could have been prayer form of poetry where 'thee is super power for us all so it is natural and fine call

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Dinesan Madathil 16 December 2013

Your imaginative flutter is superb and you have the wherewithal to become a top poet. Grammatical stipulations have to be paid attention, please note.

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Kanav Justa 14 December 2013

, , , lovely write, , , well done, , ,

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Valsa George 13 December 2013

You are swept off in the whirlwind of love! ! An upsurge of emotions 'flowing in its own swift sail'! ! Enjoyed this highly passionate write! !

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