Always In His Hands Poem by Oyekake Satty (O S) Joshua - Amopho

Always In His Hands

In the darkness that hovers
He seems like an unkind friend
But He knows all about me
And is acquainted with my life
My thoughts, my joys, my hurts
And He bids me to this dark cloud
These ongoing painful experiences
These moments of introspection
This severing of my self-reliance
That keeps me utterly helpless
And puts me on my knees in tears
Waiting, gasping for a sigh of relief
Nothing within for me to hold-on
But the longing to find Him close
To fill this void within that growls
This craving that haunts me thus
Daily, deeply, and each moment
Eating into the reins of my being

Why hasn’t He picked me up?
Why hasn’t He rescued me?
He has my very best at heart!
He knows every detail of me!
Every circumstance is filtered
Through His sovereign eyes
And He has veto rights over all
Yet His rescue is not in sight
And while the pain is wrenching
And the emptiness growling
He keeps me in His plans still
And never out of His hands
And all the while knitting me
Though with tears and toil
Into the quilt of completeness
Meet for His ultimate use

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