Oyekake Satty (O S) Joshua Poems

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Being Crushed For Glory

When life bears you down
And your feet are heavy
When your heart is crushed
And the grinding relentless


I want no other reward
I want no other blessing
But to be found in your presence
In the smallest activities of life

A Season Of Love And Friendship

This blessed moment of acquaintance
This unintentional but fateful meeting
A consoling presence, soothing breeze
This pleasant spirit, a newfound friend

A Fragrance

Let me be to God
The fragrance of Christ
A sweet savor of His glory
A reflection of His character

A Poem

A paragraph or a page
Cut out of a manuscript
A moment or a snapshot
An instant in a lifetime

A Spring Garden

The blossoming of new life
A spring garden of beauty
To prepare you to embrace
The season with freshness,

Always In His Hands

In the darkness that hovers
He seems like an unkind friend
But He knows all about me
And is acquainted with my life

A Generous Gift

Your presence my anticipation
Your infectious smile awaited
Now a generous sight to behold
An air of freshness and beauty

Your Desire My Passion

And beaten about to no avail
I yield my passions to you
My longing and desires amiss
And my passions misleading

Binding Love

The love that sought me
Found me in the murk
And by sovereign mercy
Dispensed grace on me

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