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When life bears you down
And your feet are heavy
When your heart is crushed
And the grinding relentless

I want no other reward
I want no other blessing
But to be found in your presence
In the smallest activities of life

This blessed moment of acquaintance
This unintentional but fateful meeting
A consoling presence, soothing breeze
This pleasant spirit, a newfound friend

Let me be to God
The fragrance of Christ
A sweet savor of His glory
A reflection of His character

A paragraph or a page
Cut out of a manuscript
A moment or a snapshot
An instant in a lifetime

The blossoming of new life
A spring garden of beauty
To prepare you to embrace
The season with freshness,

In the darkness that hovers
He seems like an unkind friend
But He knows all about me
And is acquainted with my life

Your presence my anticipation
Your infectious smile awaited
Now a generous sight to behold
An air of freshness and beauty

And beaten about to no avail
I yield my passions to you
My longing and desires amiss
And my passions misleading

The love that sought me
Found me in the murk
And by sovereign mercy
Dispensed grace on me

To live as a friend of the bridegroom
To seek to serve His interest not mine
To advance His cause behind the scenes
To work behind Him to serenade Him

The brightest physical moment
Of my mornings, your presence
I see you regally approaching
My heart warms-up snappily

A familiar beat in my heart
Pulsates with joyful melody
Reassures and encourages,
To urge me along this path

Lord, fill my life with your love
Wrap my heart with your passion
Let my soul sing your praises
Let my spirit savor your presence

Love is love
When in deed affirms
What in word avows
Without discontinuity

To the ends of the earth
Where dreams are conjured
Where friendship is born
Through the planes where life begins

Lord prod me often and always
Nudge a little bit stronger
Until my flaws are unveiled to me
Until I bow to you in acceptance

In the intimate hand of marital bliss
In the inner sanctum of divine ecstasy
Within this sacrosanct garden of love
Where pleasures abound night and day

This calling within, this burden,
That growls and beckons daily
To dreams or realms of vagary
And its path shunned by sureness

Your smile in this ambient grace
Her refulgence here sets aglow
While many still prefer to frown
To douse every flicker and glare

Oyekake Satty (O S) Joshua Biography

Dr. Joshua is a resident of Montclair, New Jersey; he is an engineer with a passion for Reformed Biblical Theology and Philosophy and a love for poetry. His technical publications include the following: Emerging Technologies Making a Business Case for Networking Convergence" O S Joshua & C. Coutras; ASCOMS, TELE-INFO, AEE '03 New York, USA, September 14-17,2003 Three-Prong Business Case Centered Approach to Sustainable Network Solutions" O S Joshua & C. Coutras; IMT Conference Proceeding, Orlando FL, December 8-10,2004)

The Best Poem Of Oyekake Satty (O S) Joshua

Being Crushed For Glory

When life bears you down
And your feet are heavy
When your heart is crushed
And the grinding relentless
How would you respond?

In your tearful warbling
In the tasking dale of life
Would you clutch to Him
In your bawling surrender
To reverberate His honor?

In your struggles and tears
Would your life extol Him?
In the depth of affliction
Would His praise ring out
And declare His goodness?

If the world maligns you
And if the hurt is intense
Keep in mind this truth
That out of that graveyard
Sprouts a glorious Easter lily

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Jenda Lecroy 28 March 2010

Awesome poem. I really liked it.

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Secondhand information are like corrupted files, you cannot trust them.

Facts are facts; they are no less factual because their proponents are your enemies.

Silenced truths benefit no one but the guilty, or the man with evil intentions.

He, who is hungry and has all kinds of comestibles, need not offer supplication, but only needs to give thanks and partake of the banquet!

Ah, but when the heart is inclined to sin, the mind will find justifications

Weigh your words wisely, once spoken, they cannot be unspoken; neither can your apology undo the damage done.

Get your point across without insults or disparagement

You can't solve a problem you don't understand

Doing is believing.

Too much youthful behavior makes juvenile an old man.

Chance is not chance but that which follows the dictates of the Most High, tacitly.

You do not pray for rain while it is raining!

They Say, go for Gold and if you miss it, you may get Silver. But I say, if you go too hard for Gold, you may miss Silver and Bronze also. So, pace yourself.

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