Being Crushed For Glory Poem by Oyekake Satty (O S) Joshua

Being Crushed For Glory

Rating: 5.0

When life bears you down
And your feet are heavy
When your heart is crushed
And the grinding relentless
How would you respond?

In your tearful warbling
In the tasking dale of life
Would you clutch to Him
In your bawling surrender
To reverberate His honor?

In your struggles and tears
Would your life extol Him?
In the depth of affliction
Would His praise ring out
And declare His goodness?

If the world maligns you
And if the hurt is intense
Keep in mind this truth
That out of that graveyard
Sprouts a glorious Easter lily

Dr Antony Theodore 11 July 2016

Conflict in the heart.... the situations at present what you really experience, the struggle of faith.... and the sense of helplessness....... all these you have pointed out in your poem. this is a kind of revolution. thank you dear poet tony

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Mark Nwagwu 05 May 2008

you've given us a nice lily of a poem, Oyekake

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Rebekah Gamble 04 May 2008

thank you for that. at the moment, i am in a great deal of pain over doing what i believe god wishes me to do. you have encouraged me.

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