Am I Next Poem by Randy McClave

Am I Next

The child was read the second amendment
With happiness and pride and contentment
How it's all Americans rights to bare arms
Then the child felt the sadness and the alarms.
The child then saw the news
The child heard the weeping from the pews,
And the child saw the militia at the school's door
The child saw the army corp.
The child then saw all the flags at half mast
And the protesters that had quickly amassed,
The child saw the proud and vigilante NRA
And the child heard a mother screamed for our children let's pray.
The child then saw the parents tears
The child heard the parents fears,
And with their hopes and prayers they were keeping
The parents were still weeping.
The child then heard it on the radio
About the blood that did constantly flow,
Then the child saw it on the television
And the child heard about a politician's decision.
The child then went to his class
Many closed doors the child did hurry pass,
Then the classroom blinds were all pulled down
Every child seen wore terror and a frown.
Then the child sat at his desk
The child then thought the most grotesque,
Then the child to his parents sent a text
"Am I next".

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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