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Everything is totally ambiguous Even our streets and our roads Which are greatly empty from those Who used to occupy them with loud Whistles and with their things... Nobody knows what's going on around Simply because everything turns bad... Most of those whom we know have fled Their houses and even their stores Towards the unknown realms of life... It is a big disaster not to know What's going on around anytime... It is hard to stroll streets and roads Without seeing one single soul anytime... It is unhealthy to smell corpses and Even to see very wide grave-yards Anywhere and even everywhere... The whole situation is totally vague And even regretfully ambiguous... We are bleeding blood and even everything To that extent in which we feel that We are greatly sick, dizzy, and melancholic... It is that stressful ambiguity that Governs our whole life around... ______________________________________________________________________

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle
Mike Smith 20 February 2016

An eye opening depiction of (I'm guessing) a war torn city. It is tragic that so many people have experienced such a lifestyle. A very nice poem Mohammed. Thanks for sharing

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