Amen Poem by soren Barrett


If I could do it all again,
Would I be able to say amen?
And if I did, how long would it be,
Before a blemish I did see?

Out of reach, parched with thirst, a water bucket swings between heaven and hell
Right or wrong, better or worst, desire and disappointment fill a bottomless well

In the blurr of eternity,
I can't see reality
A binary system leads to blame
In times plane, no values, no shame

In a battle between fear and valor, the victor carries a heavy load
At times too hard, we loose our footing and take the dark road

My balence lost
Guilt the cost
Memory's regrets
A jostled hornets nest

With his tools from birth and time on earth, each man does the best he can
Faults are found, on trodden ground, after his race is ran

God or devil is the test,
Both imprisoned in my chest
As I slide, down the hill of time
On this ride, speed increases as I decline

In the dance of dark and light
Will I stumble or hold on tight?

It's all a matter of timing with the tempo climbing
The secret is logic and emotions aligning
You can't dance a waltz to a tango
Flowers, planted in snow will never grow

The man that can see through eternities lies, no matter how wise
Will never be believed by society, but blamed for his impiety

With all this we must have the courage to stand
Totally naked before the eyes of the land
To extend to our neighbor a helping hand
And with all nature form an eternal band

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