Another Point Of View Poem by soren Barrett

Another Point Of View

Rating: 5.0

Truths spill through the mouths of the mentally ill
To amend their political incorrectness we give them a pill
The entrance to heaven is through hell's door
If one wishes to be rich one must first be poor.
It may surprise you that God can do nothing without your say
Your power is greater than his on any day
For both wrong and right are not separate but the same
In being good there is no pride in being bad no shame
Without hate there is no love
Without Satan no God above
Lucifer is God's son and Christ's brother
Both you and he have the same mother
I am that I am is God's name,
And if you pay attention you will notice yours is the same.
One life is no greater than another
Be it a fly or be it your brother
Evolution is the answer to the earth's ills
Whether global warming or oil spills
Survival of the fittest is the rule
If you're a conservationist your a fool
Preservation of the defective
Is not effective
The greatest error
Is the inferior to spare
While all the rest of the species you impair
What's wrong if one race is smarter than another
One more athletic, lazier another?
Why should there be laws against polygamy
When monogamous people were not meant to be
Buy a dog if you want fidelity
Minorities are disadvantaged and need extra help some say
Yet there is no affirmative action in the NBA
You should not the gays blame
Don't you know that they have left the evolutionary game?
They are not your opposition
Instead they have removed your competition
Right and wrong are a deception
Only words they are man's conception
Love and hate are only an illusion
Better and worse a delusion
Matter does not exist
It is only energy with a twist
Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the masses
Just say no to drugs laddies and lass'
If I've offended you I apologize
But both beauty and truth are in the beholder's eyes

Sylvia Frances Chan 03 April 2022

Good poem, best end-rhymings and mixed content about a till z themes, but it is enjoyable in its nonsenscic truth, Congrats on the POD

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soren Barrett 01 May 2022

Thank you so much for reviewing and commenting on this piece

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 03 April 2022

It rang so true in yr words Bravo! Thanks for all the times you read my words

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Bri Edwards 29 August 2022

I did not finish reading and won't. bri : )

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Nonsense! 03 April 2022

God can do anything, with or without my say.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 03 April 2022

Dear Poet Soren, Heartiest Congratulations on the honour of poem of the day....Top score 10

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 03 April 2022

A powerful poem about the opposites - the truth of both sides of the coin, presented with much thought and profound philosophy.

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An intense narrative on life's paradoxes. To say " The entrance to heaven is through 's door", you need all the conviction and an open mind. Great poem. Top score.

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