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The sun warms me
lighting the beauty all around
It's golden glory
Paints flowers of every shade and hue


Spring rain wets the earth
bringing smells of things long dead
and new life to come

A society of voyeurs
Pretend warriors
Living through another persons life
with the safety of a proxy

Truths spill through the mouths of the mentally ill
To amend their political incorrectness we give them a pill
The entrance to heaven is through hell's door
If one wishes to be rich one must first be poor.

Like two trees planted together
For fifty years side by side
Leaning on each other in foul or fair weather
Together grown and now abide

Selfish? I never sold a fish in my life
Of course I'm self centered, if I wasn't I'd be off balance
And if I wasn't head strong, I'd be weak minded
You say I'm into myself, if I wasn't I'd be out of my mind


We are all enslaved from birth to the grave
Life is a cruel master
Of all that we make nothing we can take
To where we go hereafter

A stem bent with dew
kisses the lowest of all
but springs back anew


Love comes in a whisper,
in a shout,
in the flash of fireworks,
in the slow building of layers of sediment


A white cold blanket
my ears deafened with silence
the fresh scent of pines


A feeling and its certainty
No logic can dispute
What we sense is reality
Rational explanations it will refute

Dancing on a razor's edge
Precariously balanced
Over an abyss
No way back

How dare we judge God by our standards.
Man's ignorance is displayed in his religious intolerance.
For a jealous, wrathful and vindictive God can only be the product of a barbaric and evolutionarily undeveloped people
If there is a God he, she, or it would certainly not operate by our standards of justice, love, or morality but by a much higher and more evolved one, that we would not understand, and to us would probably appear unfair, or wrong.

If you were able to make people happy by lying, should you?
If you were able to save the old and sick by destroying the world economy, should you?
If you were able to bring world peace by taking away freedom, should you?
If you were able to slit the throat of an infant Hitler, could you?

In your embrace, from a dream I awoke
Escaping my grasp like drifting smoke
Now only an echo remains behind
Your haunting memories in my mind

Your life a movie
Every thought and word on screen
Could you go to sleep?

When my children were young, years ago
My daughter's black cat was her pride and joy
He was used to going wherever he wanted to go
He owned the house and was a pugnacious boy

Instead of bearded Odin riding an eight legged horse
Now we have Santa with eight reindeer of course
In the place of honoring the sun god's death and rebirth
Now we honor the son of God coming to earth

That quiet hour
When all colors and detail
Melt into blurred shadowy forms
And the dying light

soren Barrett Biography

Who I am (To know a man you must know where he has been) I've seen the total eclipse of the sun Where it grew black as night in broad day I've seen comets, and meteor showers I've lived through a Pandemic And slept through earthquakes Lived in the presence of tornadoes And walked through the force of hurricanes, floods, and fire I've skied on the edge of an avalanche And had lighting strike so close I could smell it I've seen Saint Elmo's fire I've seen it cold enough for spit to freeze before it hit the ground I've seen an eagle fly Awakened to toucans, and parrots Watched whales breach Swam with sharks, Manatee and dolphins I've shook hands with an octopus I've run through a herd of Water Buffalo And within arms reach of American Bison Walked through marshes with alligators Had wild bear, timber wolves and bobcats cross my path Heard coyotes howl as I camped by a fire Been struck at by poisonous snakes Bitten by poisonous spiders And had a vampire bat suck my blood I've watched a. wide river pass between my legs Climbed glaciers, mountain peaks And walked through the rain forest as well as desert I've descended into caverns with stalactites and stalagmites I've awakened under a foot deep blanket of snow at 12,000 feet I've camped in pine forests where I've not seen a man for weeks I've swam the oceans in two different hemispheres And in ice cold glacier fed lakes I've been deep sea fishing Walked the high ledges of a ruined ancient Jesuit Mission at midnight Stood in Indian graveyards I've seen the redwood forests and giant sequoias The grand canyon The Amazons The Andes The salt flats The Florida Keys The Rocky Mountains The geysers of Yellowstone The continental divide The falls of Iguacu The great Mississippi The skyscrapers of New York And the Beaches of Rio I've ridden steam locomotives. I've hugged cowboys wearing guns As they tied their horses outside of bars I've hitched rides on the highway and on box cars in train yards I've ridden a horse, a donkey and an elephant And a bicycle through gangland at midnight I've put a starting motor in my car in a K-mart parking lot I've watched the space shuttle lift off into space I've seen an undisputed UFO And the turning of a millennia Watched man take his first step on the moon Seen fourteen different presidents Seen one assassinated Been through the draft of a war I've witnessed a bank robbery in progress I've walked prison yards Survived car wrecks I've known Executives, murderers Judges, chiefs of police Thieves, drug lords And drug addicts Gang members Hell's Angels The criminally insane FBI and CIA agents, terrorists Bank robbers, bishops Movie actors, doctors Congressmen, and generals Genius' and the retarded I've known millionaires And the homeless The famous and the infamous I've taken bankruptcy And owned up to ten houses at one time I've worked construction, Day labor In a mine, Driven truck, As a gardener, Grocery stores, A warehouse, Day care, Run a cash register, Stocked shelves, Group homes for the retarded, And emotionally disturbed Been a missionary Run a jack hammer, Built railways, Driven fork lifts, Managed apartments, Worked on a dairy farm, Bailed hay, Herded cows, Taught college; Worked in a prison, Worked as a psychologist, I've been on radio and TV I've made the international news Lived in the West, East, North, South and in between I've earned a doctoral degree And failed pre-algebra I've played the violin, piano, accordion, and harmonica I've been hated and laughed at I've drank the best of wine Smoked the best of cigars And eaten excellent food I've gone hungry and thirsty And suffered from food poisoning Passed kidney stones Pulled my own bad teeth with pliers Been set on fire I've watched my hair grow gray and fall out My skin wrinkle and my eyesight grow bad I've felt pain and joy I've known the love of a beautiful woman Raised four children Had grandchildren I've seen people born And seen them die I've seen enough)

The Best Poem Of soren Barrett

Fire, Water, Air And Earth

The sun warms me
lighting the beauty all around
It's golden glory
Paints flowers of every shade and hue
Seductive scents are launched by gentle breezes
And the brook's dancing waters
Whisper to me
As it passes through emerald green meadows
Lazy lace clouds silently spread,
ever changing patterns of shadows
Over hypnotic waves of rippling grass
Birds serenade, accompanied by
Cicadas, and rustling leaves
Trees sway, and butterflies lift and fall
As shadows lengthen, night draws on
Imitating the golden orb
Fireflies of green and yellow pulse and fade
drifting through the darkness of space.
Its lunar sister reflects
A soft silvery glow
A distant symphony of frogs and crickets
Play in concert under a shower of stars
Distant thunder rolls, lightning flashes
Drops patter on the clay tile roof
The smell of fresh rain on dry ground
Fire, water, air and earth
All that was, is or ever will be

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soren Barrett 04 January 2022

This is a poem of deep meaning that spawns growing thoughts as the time passes. I found it intriguing and thought provoking, I liked it very much

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soren Barrett Quotes

The wounds of love cut far deeper than any of hatred

Our species thrives on the concept of eminent domain Nothing more than a sugar coated view of might makes right

In our carelessness we hit our thumb with the hammer of technology

I don't have the time to be unhappy

I would gladly trade the worst day with you For all the best days without you

I would gladly trade the worst day with you

There is one phrase that sums up the scientific method: you can search forever if you don't know what you are looking for.

Pity robs a person of their power

There are many windows that look into the same room. Your choice is which window to look through, not what is in the room.

Suicide is such a grave crime that it should be punished by death.

monkey business is the same as bull shit just a little higher up on the evolutionary scale.

I never get sick, some days I just don't feel good

If I'm not able to do it I have set my goals too high

Desperation is the lowest form of hope

Bury the past, resurrect good memories, and send the bad to hell

The last person that told me that they had been touched by God was only half right.

Man's ignorance is displayed in his religious intolerance For a wrathful and vindictive God can only be the product of a barbaric and evolutionarily undeveloped people If there is a God he, she, or it would certainly not operate by our standards of justice, love, or morality but by a much higher and more developed one that we would not understand and to us would probably appear unfair.

The best sun screen in the world is the world.

The key to being happy is eating crappy

On this roller coaster of a ride of life we have our ups and downs but we always end up back where we began

Every story has an happy ending. If you're not happy it's not over.

I am who I am, it is only through learning who I am and accepting this that I find happiness, not in trying to change it.

Look for solutions not problems.

What others feel about us is not as important as what we feel about them.

As harmless as a porcupine

I don't lie. That's a lie.

I'm too old to lie. I can't remember them anymore.

You can never know the truth. A part of the truth is not the truth. The truth encompasses all things and you can never know all things.

My broken heart has healed me. Sticks broken and redoubled grow stronger with each break A scar is tougher that the skin it replaced

This life is like the game of Monopoly no matter how much we accumulate we leave with nothing

Every relationship is full of disappointment Even God does not give us everything we want

A child is like a wisp of smoke that you try to shape

Your life is like a fire that you try to keep alive, in the end all that is left is ashes

I don't dare tell about my life, no one would believe it.

As a child, we were so poor, I couldn't afford an imaginary friend

All truth is considered classified information and any divulgence of it is considered treason

Truth is whatever those in power want it to be

Truth is just a lie well disguised

you're only a genius if the those with less mental capacity judge you to be one

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