soren Barrett Poems

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People don't die they petrify don't ask why
Hair hanging out their nose, mothball smelling cloths, as on and off they dose
Wrinkles more than a few, passing gas by you, no teeth to chew
Hair falling out, feet with gout, deaf they shout

Fire, Water, Air And Earth

The sun warms me
lighting the beauty all around
It's golden glory
Paints flowers of every shade and hue

Just Take It

If you don't wish to fight
You're tongue you must bite
Hold it ever so tight
Even if you're right

Video Games, Reality Shows, Social Media

A society of voyeurs
Pretend warriors
Living through another persons life
with the safety of a proxy

Another Point Of View

Truths spill through the mouths of the mentally ill
To amend their political incorrectness we give them a pill
The entrance to heaven is through hell's door
If one wishes to be rich one must first be poor.

In And Outside

Like two trees planted together
For fifty years side by side
Leaning on each other in foul or fair weather
Together grown and now abide

Thoughts Of A Narcissist

Selfish? I never sold a fish in my life
Of course I'm self centered, if I wasn't I'd be off balance
And if I wasn't head strong, I'd be weak minded
You say I'm into myself, if I wasn't I'd be out of my mind


Spring rain wets the earth
bringing smells of things long dead
and new life to come


A stem bent with dew
kisses the lowest of all
but springs back anew

I Just Know It's True

A feeling and its certainty
No logic can dispute
What we sense is reality
Rational explanations it will refute

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