America Is Home Poem by Randy McClave

America Is Home

America is home to the free and the brave
And also home to immigrants and the slave,
America is also home to many sad and hurt faces
And also home to white supremacists and racists.
America is home to bribed politicians
And also to the many beliefs and different religions,
America is home to big businesses looting
And also home to an everyday school shooting.
America is home to healthcare not for all
And also where we want to build a wall,
America is home to where we are told what to believe
Where true freedom of choice is just to deceive.
America is home to the NRA
Where to them and not to God for protection we pray,
America is home to the millionaires
Those who are wealthy who have no soul or cares.
America is home to where they ban books
And also home to where you can lawfully arm crooks,
America is also home and lawful for a state today
To tell its citizens what they can and cannot believe or say.
America is home to true greed
Where the wealthy and not the hungry they'd rather feed,
Where the rich American pays little and gets the tax break
And where every other American feels the economic ache.
America is home to where we hate foreigners and strangers
Where in them we see murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and all dangers,
America is where we learn to hate and judge and to help or give
And America is where they say, Jesus does live.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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