An Angel Has To Do What An Angel Has To To Poem by Terry Donovan

An Angel Has To Do What An Angel Has To To

Rating: 4.5

He walked away into the night,
His knuckles swollen from the fight,
A smile beneath his swollen eye,
Much satisfaction in his sigh.

He left behind a crumpled lump
A man who’d had a well-earned thump,
A bully belly filled with beer,
A crowd that had recoiled in fear.

He’d done his bit and saved the day,
Restored some order to the fray.
They watched him as went from view
Lost in the shadows he passed through.

“Forgive me, Lord”, he stopped to pray,
“I know that’s not the angels’ way”.
The Lord said “When you deal with man,
You have to do the best you can..

I saw you really had no choice,
I saw those that you helped rejoice.
Now go and read the Holy Book
And do some work on that left hook.”

Terry Manns 25 June 2006

Terry, great poem. Terrific structure and expression, a wonderful reworking of the hero and the bully tale. The inclusion of the counterpoint of an angel (and possible demon/devil) in the bully, waging that eternal war -of balance of good and evil, added a deeper subtext to a scenario that could stand on its own, but was made richer by the inclusion. Funny and clever, the ending reminded me of those tough irish priests that preached god's message with the bible in one hand and a good right (or left) hook waiting in the other. cheers, Terry Manns

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Bobbi Lee 03 June 2004

I really like this poem

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Terry Donovan

Terry Donovan

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