Why Dogs Always Smell Each Others' Bums Poem by Terry Donovan

Why Dogs Always Smell Each Others' Bums

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Once upon a time I'm told
When strange things happened in the world of old
An extraordinary meeting took place
Of dogs from all round the global face.
They all met somewhere near the Golan heights
For a conference on doggy rights.
It took place in a massive hall
Cos anything less would be too small.
As they went in, every dog and pup
took off its coat and hung it up
Then when the conference was over
All the dogs (there were loads called Rover)
Piled outside in lengthy queues
And they couldn't sort out whose coat was whose.
In utter confusion, they all got mixed
And couldn't get the matter fixed,
So each grabbed a coat and made for the door,
Wearing the one which was closest at paw
And, rather than make an almighty stir
They all ended up in another's fir.
Now every time you see dogs meet
Or even passing in the street.
You'll see them have a good old smell
Cos that's the only way they can tell
If its their coat that the other's got.
You may believe this tail or not,
They're only seeking what they treasure
They don't go sniffing bums for pleasure
They want their coats whoever's got 'em
And they can only start at the bottom.
But if they can't find them, that's too tough -
Justice in the world of dogs is ruff.

Chuck Audette 20 October 2006

Ahh, that explains it - when I see one dog ontop of another dog, it means he must have finally found his coat and is trying to get it off? Fun one! -chuck

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Rosie 05 October 2019

LOL This is so funny! ! ! Its amaze! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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* Sunprincess * 28 June 2014

.............at last this mystery has been solved.....very nice poem...

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Dee Daffodil 28 January 2008

What a delightful story! ! Loved it! ! Hugs, Dee

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Anna Russell 23 October 2006

You been reading Matt McGinn? Hugs Anna xxx

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Ernestine Northover 20 October 2006

You could be barking up the wrong tree here Terry, but I like the story and it was great fun to read. Possibly when they go for a drink together they say 'Bottoms Up'! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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