Terry Donovan Poems

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Why Dogs Always Smell Each Others' Bums

Once upon a time I'm told
When strange things happened in the world of old
An extraordinary meeting took place
Of dogs from all round the global face.

An Angel Has To Do What An Angel Has To To

He walked away into the night,
His knuckles swollen from the fight,
A smile beneath his swollen eye,
Much satisfaction in his sigh.

Autumn Leaves Its Scar

When I walk ankle-deep in autumn leaves,
Head down and collar up against the rain,

Motorcycle Sonnet

A sixties sight I always liked to see,
Those British motorbikes parked side by side
While bikers packed inside the Busy Bee,
The rendezvous of everybody's ride.

Take My Hand

Come, take my hand and let us walk awhile,
Away from all the hustle-bustle here,
Let's talk and walk a quiet country mile
To where the air and what we think is clear.


I saw an angel with a broken wing
I saw an angel cry
I mended it with bits of string
And told her she could fly.

Ashes To Ashes

When Cuthbert was cremated she was sad
But taking home his ashes she was glad
For in a way she'd always have him there
His company forever she would share.

Oxfam Shop

The Oxfam Shop book section
Had the usual array,
Ancient road maps, Jeffrey Archer,
Three copies of the Guinness Book of Records

Best Friends

The best of friends are those you never meet

Single Dad

Single Dad

The kids grew up without a mum around,
I had to play a double roll instead;

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