An Envelop A Crave From My Heart Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

An Envelop A Crave From My Heart

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its a mid thursday afternoon i've seen your name jabarh sathic noor it was your name for sure, it print out at the stick tack paper, how i notice that you move to a new building c flat 02512

i pray to god to find your envelope within your invation of a welcoming event
which box full of invations for the members whom are new or old they come, and to the members that move building

held on october 6st 10 5.oopm located at the community at al - waha ballroom main club where all the events happends

i pray in silet to god how i wish you would miss truly i miss you so very much
from the bottom my purity heart of mi amor

i can see how the look in your when you missed me truly i could felt it inside
within my prays a prays for you

ezpranza that felt me somehow but for the last moment ended up without goodbyes but i let go and prays

your love and cares for is always alive i lock it in my heart of purity one last tears
a crys is for you cuz ever since i meet you
but i let go to prays

a dropp of tears onces more in my prays
but i let you go i let you now i can't forget you mi amor

i forgive for every bit that hurts which lay in the past that has long gone

in a mid 7st august falls where we meet in 2oo9 in an afternoon falls
sadly it ended no more tears has falls no more tear to cry but a silent prays

ezpranza (hopes) she loves you more
then i could ever did myself too
i hold your envelop closer to my chest
ezpranza mi amor hopes my love
you woun't forget us

a flash from the past when our true love was alive and true in mid 7st of august falls 2oo9

i stick your name outside your envelop
and i place it on to my chest
ezpranza in prays you miss me too
somehow later or maybe now

everything pass so fast first love will live on forever in my heart of purity with crave of your name

i never forget even though i once said to forget me i knew you woun't forget me too

Marieta Maglas 08 September 2010

Extraordinary words from an extraordinary poet.Thank you for sharing

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