Feelings Of Love Of True Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Feelings Of Love Of True

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Feelings of love of true

Reunited we shall stand lovers embrace a moment we stood still in silent of voiceless a pound ourselves for sure love shall never dies forever alive even the heart dies of numbness of silent’s fallen of a night breezes of sore which mourning his name which sometime he shall hear of caused he felt it too
Like she shall felt the embrace a felt when he was there with hear sadly we have to lost him caused could only pray shall he hear it or shall he not

Of standing head high as kisses with an embrace a feelings shall never dies forever shall it be alive even the one we love will be there to a hold of embrace a felt of warm a part of my heart & soul shall be apart of him he felt it too
By reading his words of love which wrote a pound his silent & his soft heart beneath the soul inside two beloved lover one stand shall be love shall never be a death
Beneath the skin lover shall never does not die nor shall death not be a part

Forever lover be shall be alive forever shall there alive shall not dies of death if the heart to felt the numbness as he left a slash of there the shall be but shall a praying of a silent heart to him or shall does he love you very so very much of love
Like a kisses which expressed the love, Lover shall stand forever till death does us a part

Shall be there love a sweet surrenders which sit in of embrace, Lover reunited stand as one
Like a tales of Shakespeare in love how the love between Rome & Juliet shall never be death among the lover soul of love nor shall it never be a part for sure
A part itself shall the lord may know shall not know ourselves when death does us a part

Done in late 2010 21st of September Breeze 9: 20am fallen of early morning trying to put and expressing feelings like a modern way of shapkspear which I’m trying to 

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