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An Evolution Of Javanese Religion? - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

Who lives on this island of Java
stone age Java man is long gone?

Java world's most populous island
scene of dramatic Indonesian history

powerful centre of Hindu-Buddhist empires
Islamic sultanates Mataram in Central Java
sultanates of Ternate and Tidore to the east
Java core of the colonial Dutch East Indies
centre of Indonesia's independence campaign

Java a population of over 136 million one
of the most densely populated places on
earth this most densely populated region
is the world home to 60% of Indonesia's
population and Indonesian capital Jakarta

Java an island formed by volcanic events
thirty-eight mountains form an east-west
spine once active volcanoes Mount Merapi
erupts most active Mount Semeru highest

Java a melting pot of religions and cultures
Indian Hinduism then Mahayana Buddhism
Shaivism Buddhism sunk roots into psyche
pre-Islamic Islamic lore belief and practice

merge murky mystic sharp divisions kyais
orthodox merely instructed in Islamic law
versus mysticism those who seek reformed
Islam with modern scientific concepts war

for mind control santri believe more orthodox
Islamic belief practice versus abangan mixed
pre-Islamic animistic Hindu-Indian concepts
with a superficial acceptance of Islamic belief

Abangan local adat beliefs integrates Hinduism
Buddhism Animist traditions or pure Sharia law?
Indonesian variance from Islam sect mushrooms

Kebatinan metaphysical search for harmony
within one's inner self spiral connection with
the universe with an Almighty God Javanese
occultism metaphysics mysticism and esoteric
doctrines exemplify search tendency synthesis

flexible syncresis in all manifestations attainable
even in conflict Javanese ideals combine human
wisdom psyche perfection (wicaksana) (waskita)
(sempurna) followers must control passions forgo

earthly riches comforts reach enlightened harmony
union with spirit of the universe spiritual cosmology
radical Islam instead splinters into Bali Jakata bombs
Islamic Jemaah Islamiah terrorists paradise suicides’
an Islamic boarding school run by mad militant cleric

Let us pray Islam can will avoid a Christian dark age...

Copyright © Terence George Craddock
See also the poem ‘Let Us Pray Islam Will Avoid A Religious Dark Age’.

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