An Ultamatum For You Poem by Guarded Heart

An Ultamatum For You

I want nothing more than to be mad at you
You don't deserve my forgivness for what you put me through
Yet it seems i'm all to willing to forgive you
It's unfair, but i am in love with you

So what they say is true
That no matter what a person does
The inevitable forgivness is love
And no matter what you do, the love makes me forgive you

In any other case, with any other person, i'd be through
But it seems i'm unable to be through with you
What is it about you?

You made me cry today
The last thing i wanted was to talk to you
Yet i listened to what you had to say
And though it wasn't enough, it was a start

By the end of the night i craved your touch
For the first time i really don't know what i want
So i guess an ultamatum will have to do
I'm sorry but now i turn this on you

If you are done with me, then let me be
If i don't make you happy, we need to move on
And it will hurt so much to say goodbye
To you the love of my life

If i'm still what you want, you have alot to fix
Somethings bothering you, you need to trust me and tell me what it is
You need to realize that i'm not your enemy
I'm only here to make you happy, i only ask that you care about me

The next step you alone can decide
This is your one free shot, so take your time, answer wise
It's up to you to make it happen
Only you know what makes you happy...

BEAU GOLDEN 16 June 2006

i like this one the best. I can really feel your mood. where u r floating half off the shore.

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The Sleeper 07 May 2006

I will not speak again on this subject, because I dont wanna think about it, but four words are all I need wether or not you agree: You make me happy.

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***** ********* 06 May 2006

What you must remember GH, is that love don't come easy. It is a bumpy road all too often. I am glad you are talking and writing. Communication is the key. Another person poem and I am sure whoever they are, they are grateful for the chance to make reparations with you. Keep Writing. 9 from Tai

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