An Old Memory Poem by Guarded Heart

An Old Memory

It's an old memory
It's a bad dream
Brought back by forces unseen
At times, only to remind me
To be thankful that now i'm happy

I have recently wakened
To a day where somebody cares
Somebody to hold me, tell me its ok
Someone who just might want me, maybe even love me

One once so gaurded
Her story, she is now willing to tell
Of a tremendous pain she once felt
Before someone came to help

Broken through the barricade
Unlocked the dozens of chains
Brought a smile to her face
Eased her pain

...Gentle embrace now gives new reason

My broken heart is like an old memory
The days of old have been lost with the misery
Today i feel so perfectly complete
And i wish you luck to finding what makes you happy

So i implore you now to open your heart to see
If someone else can make you as happy as me
Take a chance at letting your gaurd down
And remember to hold your head up proud

Love hurts, what they said is true
But its a fabulous thing to be able to go through
Better to have been hurt by love
Than never to love at all

Tracey Collins 05 May 2006

well writen poem, yes its nice to be in LOVE and happy, forget bad times and look to good times and everybody wiil win.

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Goldy Locks 05 May 2006

this one spoke deeply to me. you have a heartfelt way with words. i can't wait to be at that moment when i feel happy (this one might benefit from a slower pace & more intricate line verse) seems rushed, Sus.

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