Soma Mukherjee

An Unnecessary Interruption - Poem by Soma Mukherjee

Mrs. Sharma smiled when she saw a beautiful sunny day outside,
Today her two kids will perform in front of a large crowd, she thought with pride.
It was an international event, people, media have already flocked in from far and wide,
Whole city was buzzing with activities and being decorated like a bride.

Two blocks away Mr. Ram was also feeling elated,
Whether to wear a formal suit or a casual attire, he debated.
He was to deliver a speech about economy and art, of which he was considered a connoisseur.
And every where he spoke he created quite a stir.

Suddenly there was commotion on streets and police sirens being heard,
Every one became curious and silently prayed for all the ills to be deferred.
But that was not to be and the city was in for rude shock,
Some nutcase had decided to use the day to kill himself, someone said with a mock!

The police were trying to calm the man down and reason with him
The man still insisted they file an F.I.R or he will self immolate, what a dim!
The chief minister had just declared the city crime free
There was no way the polce could have filed an F.I.R, even if some one was on a crime spree.

Organisers were getting impatient and anxious, they had very liitle time in hand,
There was lot to be done even without all this drama and time was slipping away like sand.
So he was assured of an F.I.R, if, the crime was big and grime,
'Ok, 'said the man without moving and declared he had commited murder several times!

Oh man! the police would have thrashed him badly, had it being any other day,
Crushed his rights in full public view and taught him to obey.
And the people would have kept mum and carried on decorating the streets,
Just like they have reacted in the past to any mistreats.

But today with media present, things were heating up pretty fast.
The man had to be calmed and reasoned with or else god knows how long it would last.
Someone from a T.V channel asked the man if he could elaborate what his problems were,
He replied the human apathy has created so much stench that he alone can not deter.

The police were worried sick, for someone will have to report this matter to the top,
And they all knew whoever went will be blamed and chances of promotion and increments will drop.
No sir, with this low a salary no one can let the small increments go a miss,
Someone new and inexperienced will have to go to face all the barking and hiss.

When probed further by media, the man said he has killed himself many a times,
Ignoring others pleas of help, let anarchy rule, keeping mum were his crimes,
False governement promises, farmer suicides, child labour rampant
Women harrased, people looted, humanity has become scant.

'I am dead', he said, 'I killed my self.'
'so are you all who let it happen.
yesterday an old couple died on the road and no one gave a dime
no came forward to help all because it was rush hour and office time'

'How long', he said, 'are we going to live this spiritless, soul less life?
We all have become living deads and victims of self created ugly strifes,
No, I will not let this heartless spirit less city host any event,
till it mends it ways behave like humans and repent.'

'But all this can't happen in one day? ', said a reporter.
'No it won't and all I wanted was to shake the living deads and wake up the humans
Somewhere some day we have to start why not today here in this city
After all that I have said and done people are still thinking out the funtion, what a pity, '

Meanwhile the minister, who under the pressure from media, had finally reached spot,
Was amazed and angry with all the attention the man had got,
If I could ever get this big a crowd he thought,
He found the man's 'antics' disgusting and called him a snot.

'With lakhs of people born every day and every one wanting dignity
equal rights, child rights, women rights, all the R.T.I's its all messy and gritty
Poeple like these, the man in the stadium create unnecessary fuss',
'He knew, the minister whispered, 'about the important event and is trying to cash in the buzz'

'Sir kindly come with me, lets discuss your grievances, 'said the minister loudly,
I asssure you in front of all these people that we will make ue of your expert stances.'
Finally the man let go and work resumed at a fast pace,
People were happy with the minister for saving the city from disgrace.

The function was a huge hit, from lavish spreads to pompous displays,
Ministers, convoys, media all sang its praise.
Oh and the man, well, he vanished into the same oblivion he came from.
As for the people, nothing changed when it came to standing up, voicing out, they kept mum.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 22, 2011

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