Bijay Kant Dubey

Anandamurti (The Statue Of Delight) - Ii - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Give me,
Give me, my Anandamurti,
The murti giving ananda,
The statue of delight,
The statue giving delight,
Internal delight,
Delight illuminating,
O, that you have found,
Found from
The heaps,
The debris of the rubble
Of a fallen temple,
Lime and sand and clay made,
O, that you have
Found from the rubble
And the debris
Of a dilapidated temple
Of yore,
An age gone-by,
O, give me,
Give me,
My, my Radha and Krishna,
As for lying
In earth,
Under the soil,
Stuck in the foundation
Of the temple,
My Radha and Krishna,
My Radha and Krishna,
O, you,
Give me,
Give me, my golden statue
Looking black,
But metallurgical,
Cast in gold,
Outwardly looking black,
But golden
Found from the rubble,
Debris of the temple of

O, you, give me, give me
My Anandamurti,
My Anandamurti,
The statue,
The statue of delight,
Which but i do not know it
Nor can
If it was
As for the thieves and dacoits
Or for fear of the loot
Of the temple
Or in fear of invasion
Or the builder wished it
To be in the foundation
For uncertain reasons,
or did it become
After remaining in
For many centuries
Buried int the earth,
Lying under the soil,
The Anandamurti,
The statue of delight
Of Radha and Krishna
Found from the rubble,
of the temples of Chandrakona,
Historical and antique
Dating back to
An age gone by
And the builders unknown!

The statue of derlight, .
Divine Delight,
Joy and illumination
Found from the excavation
Of the old temples,
Fallen and dilapidated,
Old and out-dated,
Unworshipped and falling
And dilapidated,
Turned into the heaps,
Or mouldering heaps of earth,
Reduced to
As for a new structure
But telling of,
Telling of
An age gone by,
Of yore,
A bygone tie
So full of grandeur
And stupendous,
Magnificent and excellent
And from those emerging
To our delight,
Extreme delight,
Strange surprise
A statue of,
A statue of Radha and Krishna,
Krishna and Radha
Which the eyes,
Eyes cannot behold it!

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