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Rating: 2.8

Each day with so much ceremony
begins, with birds, with bells,
with whistles from a factory;
such white-gold skies our eyes
first open on, such brilliant walls
that for a moment we wonder
'Where is the music coming from, the energy?
The day was meant for what ineffable creature
we must have missed? ' Oh promptly he
appears and takes his earthly nature

   instantly, instantly falls
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Susan Williams 18 December 2015

Extraordinary poem. She has not locked herself into one way of writing or one over-riding theme. Her voice even varies to fit the soul of each poem. I am now a fan

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Michael Morgan 19 October 2014

traces ethereal life-journey from its beginning in limitless potential to its hard-scrapple comeuppance in reality, at day's end.. A rich and characteristically whimsical comment on the human condition. Equals Milton's translation of the Horace ode. Not so hard to memorize, either- always a good prognostic in a poem. Superb, and (maybe) under-appreciated.

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Michael Morgan 24 September 2013

One of the greatest poems in the English language! . Avowedly non-political and imaginative. MM

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John Hardesty 02 July 2013

I'm quite sure that poem wasn't Pulitzer material, though, rolls of boredom! I pass on this one! !

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Evon Christian 25 May 2007

Anaphora, the name of this title is so rich and beautiful that I am certain few understand. An anaphora is a poetical device, if you will-a repetition of words, that creates a sentimentality towards those words. In this poem the anaphors are 'mortal' and 'endless', so please, reread this poem and pay special attention to those two words. Elizabeth Bishop was a beautiful genius, and this poem is a true example to that.

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